An online school where you'll learn step-by-step how to make cake designs with Dionis Iarovoi.

Fun & Easy. 

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Step through the looking glass with "The Little Alice Masterclass"!

Immerse yourself in the art of cake topper creation, drawing inspiration from Alice's whimsical adventures.
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Let your imagination swim free with our newest tutorial "The Little Mermaid Masterclass"!

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Learn how to make a stunning spring-themed cake topper that will make your desserts stand out. 
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Be enchanted and enthralled in the making of this magical "The Young Wizard Masterclass". 

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Making Easter cake decorations has never been more fancy and fun! Get ready to hop into the world of cake decoration with the Easter Bunny Masterclass! Join now and prepare for an Easter celebration everyone will remember!


Let your love for cake decorating flow and create 

a breathtakingly beautiful "The Love Angel" art that will take everyone's breath away! 
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Bring the magic of a fairytale to life with this outstanding online class. Make your own doll-themed decoration that
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Unleash your creativity and let your imagination fly with our dragon-themed cake decoration masterclass! 
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Planning to make a jungle-themed cake or try a jungle-themed animal topper? You are at the right spot! 

Flaunt these Sweet Jungle Animals with confidence for any occasion in 5 parts and 3 video lessons per each. 


A masterclass where you will learn from A to Z

the art, skill, and magic of modeling the Magical 

Unicorn in 4 online lessons. 

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Dionis Iarovoi

Dionis Iarovoi is the whole and soul of Di Cake Studio. He has over 13 years of hands-on experience as a cake design master.  Over 3000 students, from over 80 worldwide countries took his online & offline classes. 

His social media has been over-growing and so is his reach.


Having worked with so many companies and chefs, I have got the knack of how to be with people, understand them and leave a smile on their faces.
One of the best qualities that I possess is that I can help and motivate people to do their best.
Everything is possible, never give up, you can create all the things you imagine.